Schryver Ltd is a company registered in England under the registration number 01191221 and VAT number 284791220.



Upon placing an order with Schryver Ltd, a 50% deposit will be required before production/restoration commences. On completion, the remaining balance will be due within 14 days of delivery/collection. Failure to make such payment will result in a late payment fee being incurred of 5% of the total order value.



Schryver Ltd will photograph all items produced prior to delivery/collection. The customer must inspect the goods and report any

concerns within 24 hours of delivery/collection. Delivery times are approximate; however, delays can occasionally occur and you

will be kept updated. Schryver Ltd will not be liable for any such delays. The customer must ensure there is adequate space for

the goods to be received prior to delivery and that access to the property is clear. Failure to do so may result in an aborted

delivery and extra delivery costs being incurred by the customer.



Schryver Ltd will not accept any liability for additional costs incurred as a result of incorrect or incomplete measurements, or any

incorrect information supplied by the customer, and reserves the right to amend quotations/invoices accordingly.



Schryver Ltd aim to use highest quality of wood at all times; however by the very nature of this material, and the type of hand

manufacturing produced, the wood used could contain any or all of the following natural occurring traits:

– Small ‘chip out’ marks from the planer

– Knots/cracks/shakes

– Small machining marks

– Natural colour variation

The customer must be aware that wood is a natural product, therefore no two furniture pieces will be exactly the same and the

shades or cravings may differ slightly between individual pieces.

Schryver Ltd make every effort to display as accurately as possible the colours and images of the products used. No guarantee

can be offered that your computer monitor’s display of any colour will be accurate.

Schryver Ltd will not take responsibility for issues arising from the customer’s personal preference on the type of finish, wood

grain, pattern, knots, medullary rays, colour variation or any other naturally occurring elements.

Schryver Ltd will not take responsibility for issues arising from the lack of appropriate aftercare. All items will need maintaining.

Schryver Ltd cannot be held responsible for customers preference to design elements that are not discussed or raised at the

point of ordering, and will make educated assumptions based on the style of the product, and it’s functionality etc.


The furniture produced by Schryver Ltd, being made of a natural material, can react to exposure to sunlight, changes in

temperature, movement and humidity as well as general after care. Schryver Ltd cannot be held responsible for changes in the

wood due to environmental factors once delivery has been made. The wood used in production is dried to a humidity of 8-10%

moisture. Changes in the temperature, humidity or the type of environment in which a piece of furniture is placed can have a

detrimental effect on the item. Schryver Ltd will not be liable for damage/changes to items produced, caused by environmental

reactions once delivered/collected.